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EDI Midwest Reporting Through Emdeon

ASK will continue to provide file and claim acknowledgements through the 277CA and 999 Acknowledgements. Payer level acknowledgements are available through the Emdeon on-line payer portal.

To begin using the Emdeon payer portal, EDI Midwest users will need to register. A Username and Password will be provided by Emdeon within 3 business days of the registration. Webinars and tutorials are also available through Emdeon as listed below. The Emdeon payer portal is available to all EDI Midwest users.

Support for the Emdeon payer portal will be available through Emdeon. ASK will not be able to provide assistance with the Emdeon website.

Emdeon Vision Quick Start Webinars
Available Monday and Thursday, 10:00 a.m. CT


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