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How do I get started?

  • There are various ways an electronic claim may be created.  All must be in the HIPAA-compliant format.
    • Many offices have practice management software (a software program which can print statements, claims forms, and perhaps schedule appointments) with the ability to build the HIPAA-compliant file.

Free billing software is available.  This software will convert data into the HIPAA-compliant format.  Contact us at 1-800-472-6481, opt. 3 for more information , or if you are interested in using.

If a billing or practice management software does not have the ability to create the HIPAA-compliant format, a file in print image or other proprietary formats may be sent to a clearinghouse.  The clearinghouse will convert the file into the HIPAA-compliant format.

How do I decide what is the best option for my office?

  • Some things to consider are:
    • Size of practice and future growth of practice
    • Workload
    • Cost

Most importantly, visit with offices similar to yours in size and specialty for their opinions based on their experience.
***We are here to help you find the best EDI solution for your office.  Our knowledgeable EDI Marketing staff will gladly discuss options with you.  Contact us at:  1-800-472-6481, opt. 3, for Marketing.

How do I send a file?
There a several communication options available for the file transfer:

  1. The preferred method for file transfer is via the ASK Web site (
  2. Network Service vendors such as ABILITY
    1. ABILITY – ABILITY website or call 612-460-4327

For more information on communication options, please refer to the Connectivity Manual

What is a trading partner?

  • An entity who has agreed to exchange electronic data is called a trading partner.  This entity could be a clearinghouse, a billing service, or an individual provider.

How does one become a trading partner?

  • Anyone wishing to become a trading partner must complete the EDI Enrollment form.  This provides the information needed to complete setup for electronic transactions.  Once setup is completed the provider and/or vendor is notified and a seven-digit trading partner numbers is assigned and used as the login.  At this point, the trading partner is ready to begin submitting electronically, or testing with the vendor.