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Getting Started
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Getting Started

What is EDI?
EDI is the computer-to-computer transmission of business data in a standard format, which replaces a traditional paper business document.

Who can use ASK services?
ASK can accept claims directly for these payers at no cost.



  • 837P – Professional
  • 837I  - Institutional
  • 837D – Dental

Primary and Secondary

  • Eliminate paper forms
  • Increase your office’s efficiency
  • EDI Edits eliminate claim errors
  • Acknowledgements assure your claims were received
  • Get claims paid faster

Eligibility Inquiry/Benefit

  • 270 – Request

May be done as a Batch or Real Time transaction

  • Electronically verify patient eligibility and benefits
  • Designed to automatically generate and update your management system

Claims Status

  • 276 – Request

May be done as a Batch or Real Time transaction

  • Automatically generate request to check status of claim
  • Check aging status in one transaction

Payment Advice (Remittance Advice)

  • 835
  • Designed for automatic posting to management system
  • Store remittance advice electronically
  • End paper remits

What are the benefits of a Real Time transaction?

  • In real time mode the sender remains connected while the receiver processes the transaction.  The receiver immediately returns a response transaction to the sender.

What are your next steps?

  • Contact your software vendor regarding the support of these transactions.
  • Complete an enrollment form
    • An 835 (electronic remittance) enrollment must be completed for this transaction. 
    • Current trading partners may request additional transactions by completing the Change Form.

View EDI Transactions by Payer

Note:  EDI Midwest Clearinghouse offers electronic claims filing to more than 900 additional payers.

Common myths for not submitting electronic claims:

  1. "I don't have software capable of performing electronic billing." – We provide electronic claims filing software and support absolutely free!
  2. "If I get a computer or Internet access, I could get a virus and lose everything." – There are many software programs available that can detect and eradicate viruses.  Most computers purchased today already have this software loaded.  If regular computer backups are performed, and proper virus software is used the chances of losing data is greatly reduced.