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Email List Common Problems

Common Problems

There are several reasons why you will not receive e-mail from the ASK E-mail List. Here are answers to some of the most common problems:

Prob. I did not receive a confirmation e-mail message after signing up.

If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail message within a hour or two after signing up for a list (Yahoo, AOL, and Hotmail may take longer), you may have incorrectly entered your e-mail address. The best thing for you to do is sign up for that list again.

YAHOO! Users: Some confirmation e-mails have been going to the "Bulk" folder. If you do not receive it in your regular inbox, please check the "bulk" folder.

Be sure to include the extension at the end of your e-mail address (.com, Net, .org, .gov, etc.).

**If you sign up again and still do not receive an e-mail, check with the technical support for your organization to be sure you have the correct e-mail address.

Prob. I signed up, but then I get a message from "Lyris ListManager." Is it okay to reply to this message?

Yes, please reply to this e-mail to complete your registration.

The name "Lyris ListManager" is a name chosen by the software company and cannot be changed since this message is automatically generated.

Prob. I signed up for a list, but I'm not getting any e-mails.

There are a few reasons this may be happening.

  1. Some lists will receive more e-mails than others. If you are a member of a list that does not have frequent updates you may have to check the website for updates. If you see something new and were not notified of it, see step 2.

  2. Mailbox is full. E-mail mailboxes can get full just like mailboxes at home. What happens when the mailman finds your mailbox is full? Your mail will be held until the next day. If the mailbox continues to be full, no new mail will be delivered. The same goes for e-mail.

    Here are some steps to help you keep your e-mail box clean:

    - Empty your trash. In most e-mail programs after you delete an e-mail from your "inbox" it will go to the trash (or "Deleted Items"). Unfortunately, that doesn't mean the mail is out of your e-mail box. You have to delete the files from your trash as well.

    - Sent Items folder. The e-mails in this folder need to be deleted as well. Like the trash, the sent items folder can cause your mailbox to be full. Once you have deleted e-mails from this folder, be sure to delete them from the trash as well.

  3. Server down. The e-mail server at your company may be having problems, or may not be set up to receive e-mails that "look" like they are coming from a E-mail List. Check with the tech support at your organization to be sure everything is working correctly.

  4. Incorrect e-mail address. A common problem is that many users type the wrong e-mail address in the form when they sign up for the list. If you did not receive a welcome message after signing up for a list, then you will need to sign up again.

    Also, if you use capital letters in your e-mail name, be sure that is correct, i.e. NAME@PLACE.COM may be different than If you are unsure, try to use all lowercase, as that is the standard.

  5. E-mail address has changed. If your e-mail address changes at any time, please be sure to sign up for a list with your new address. Also, please be sure to unsubscribe from that list with your old address.
Prob. The Web page link in the e-mail doesn't work.

Occasionally, there may be a server problem that prevents a user from accessing our website. The best thing to do is try again at a later time. If the problem persists, please contact our customer service.

Prob. I want to unsubscribe from a list.
A. In every e-mail you receive from a E-mail List, including your welcome message, there is a statement at the bottom that tells you how to unsubscribe. If you prefer, you also may unsubscribe now.