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April 17, 2018

Attn: New York Customers - Effective May 1, 2018 HealthNow, New York Inc. will be making an 835 software upgrade

This upgrade will be seamless to the providers with the exception of a few changes made to be in accordance with the 835 TR3.

  • Loop 1000A PER segment Payer Technical Contact. The telephone number and qualifier were incorrectly in PER05 and PER06. This information is being moved to PER03 and PER04.
    • Current Segment:
      • PER*BL*ASK HELP DESK***TE*8004726481~
    • Updated Segment:
      • PER*BL*ASK HELP DESK*TE*8004726481~
  • Loop 2100 CLP05 data element. Currently when there is no patient liability 0 is present however the 835 guide states required when greater than 0. This data element will now be left blank when it is not greater than 0.