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July 26, 2019

BCBSKS Network Pricing Group Claims (KBT/KBTHW and IBEW)

BCBSKS provides primary claim pricing for Kansas Building Trades Health and Welfare (KBT and/or KBTHW) and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW).

These claims are also known as Network Pricing Group Claims.

KBT/KBTHW and IBEW primary claims should be submitted electronically with the:

  • Member ID as it appears on the member's card
  • 2000B SBR03 Group Number = KBT/KBTHW or IBEW
  • 2000B SBR09 Claim Filing Indicator = BL

An EDI Front End edit will soon be added to allow only submission of Primary Network Pricing Group Claims.  Additional notification will be sent prior to implementation of the new Network Pricing Group Claims edit.

Claims other than primary must be filed directly to KBT/KBTHW or IBEW.  Filing instructions are on the back of the member ID card.