Answer: The Implementation Guides (IG) for all transactions are available on the Washington Publishing Companies website at: https://x12.org/products/glass

    Answer: There will be two levels of editing performed by the EDI System on the X12N 834 and 820 transactions. These include:

    TRN – Syntax level editing will perform validation of the format, syntax and structure. This could include element attributes, sequencing, and segment/element usage.

    997/999 – Implementation Guide and TR3 editing will validate the contents of elements to insure they match the allowed values in accordance with the IG. This will include any code values expressly stated by the IG.

    Answer: A transaction acknowledgment will be produced for every file sent. Syntax and Implementation Guide edit results will be returned on a TRN and 997/999. Examples of these acknowledgments and instructions for reading are found in the Acknowledgments Manual.

    Yes, you will be assigned a trading partner number after you have completed the setup form to send electronic transactions. This number will be communicated to you once your setup is complete.

    Answer: You should contact the EMS Help Desk at 800-472-6481 Option 1.

    Answer: The Companion Guide document is available on this web page. Companion Guides are solely for the purpose of clarification to the TR3 and implementation guide.