Fee Schedule

Trading partners who wish to participate in the EDI Midwest Clearinghouse will be charged an annual flat fee. Professional fees are billed per provider, and Institutional fees are based on the number of licensed hospital beds:

Professional Fees

1-19 professional providers $150.00 per provider per year
20+ professional providers $3,000.00 per year


A professional provider is any practicing health care professional.

Billing Services and service bureaus will be charged for the number of individual providers.

Institutional Fees

1-49 licensed beds $178.50
50-99 licensed beds $375.00
100-199 licensed beds $750.00
200-399 licensed beds $1,500.00
400+ licensed beds $3,000.00


The number of providers or licensed beds will be established at the beginning of the contract year and reconfirmed each year on the contract anniversary date.

Fees are subject to change.