January 26, 2021

BCBSKS (47163) Validation of NDC Codes

Beginning 03/30/2021 BCBSKS will validate NDC codes submitted on claims.

When an NDC code is submitted it must be valid for the date of service submitted on the claim.

As a reminder, NDC codes must follow the 5-4-2 format.

The HIPAA 5010 standard NDC format requires 11 digits, even though the FDA only assigns 10 digits. A leading zero must be added to the appropriate segment to bring it to the 5-4-2 HIPAA format.

Below are examples to assist with the formatting of the NDC:

5555-4444-22 would become 05555-4444-22
55555-444-22 would become 55555-0444-22
55555-4444-2 would become 55555-4444-02