October 30, 2023

ASK-EDI - SFTP File Retention Update

In an effort to minimize PHI vulnerabilities, ASK will be reducing the file data retention period to 14 days.

This change will apply to all trading partner folders, and is particularly important in regard to Acknowledgment and ERA files that are delivered to the Outbound folder. Once the update takes place, Acknowledgment and ERA files will only be available for 14 days, and then will automatically be deleted if the trading partner has not deleted the file(s).

Changes to the retention period will be made in increments following the timeline below:

11/29/2023 – File retention reduced to 45 days
12/6/2023 – File retention reduced to 30 days
12/13/2023 – File retention reduced to 14 days

To avoid impact, trading partners should update tasks and processes to ensure files are downloaded, saved to another location if needed, and then deleted from the SFTP site.