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ANSI Testing Guidelines for Batch Transactions

Helpful Information for Providers/Vendors testing HIPAA 5010 formats:

  • It is suggested a minimum of 25, but no more than 50 claims/requests be submitted for each line of business you wish to test.
  • Test files are submitted via SFTP
  • The ISA15 should equal "T"
  • The trading partner is responsible for downloading and reviewing the acknowledgements, which are available within 1 hour after transmission. Please refer to the Acknowledgements Manual for further information. Contact the EDI Help Desk with any questions regarding testing or acknowledgments, 1-800-472-6481, opt. 1.
  • The trading partner may request production status once a test file passes with 10% or fewer errors.

Helpful information for Vendors:

  • It is important that software vendors review the Companion Guides before sending test files. (Providers will also benefit from reviewing these documents)
  • If you wish to test as a vendor, it will work best if you are able to test with an active NPI.
  • Implementation guides (TR3’s) are maintained by Washington Publishing Company. To obtain a copy of the ANSI ASC X12N implementation guides, please visit their website.


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